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What has been happening so far in 2019!

Islamic Social Services Association is very excited about the coming events in 2019! It is our 20th Anniversary Year!

This year started on a sad note. ISSA hosted a commemorative vigil on January 29th in honor of January 29, 2017, when 6 worshipers were killed & 19 injured in an act of hate at Quebec City Mosque.

On March 14 & 15 was the “Striving for Human Dignity:  Race, Gender, Class and Religion:  A Canadian Conversation” conference.  A hundred and six participants registered for the conference. Despite a fire alarm first thing on the first day and the tragic news of those killed in New Zealand on the second day of the conference the program stayed on course. We will be posting videos of the sessions on our Youtube channel once they are completed. We will let you know when they are available. Many thanks to Canadian Heritage, Multicultural Secretariat and The Winnipeg Foundation for their support of this conference.

What is coming up for the rest of the Year!

Islamic Social Services Association will be providing sector specific training throughout the year. A schedule will be available shortly.

ISSA’s excited and honored to be one of the recipients of The Winnipeg Foundation Reconciliation grant.  We look forward to building bridges with the Indigenous community over the next two years.

This summer ISSA is hoping to once again offer the After School Summer Program to the community for a fun-filled, educational summer for the children!

ISSA’s 20th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner is on September when there will be a celebration of our 20th Anniversary and the 25th Anniversary of Alhijra School!  More information will be posted closer to the date.  We look forward to celebrating with you!

In October Islamic Social Services Association will once again celebrate Islamic History Month with the ever popular Multicultural Tea Fest.

As always Islamic Social Services Association will be there for individuals and families who need assistance navigating systems, looking for resources, or for counseling.

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Congratulations to one of ISSA’s founders, Shahina Siddiqui for being one of the individuals being bestowed with this honor!

Each year, the University of Manitoba bestows honorary degrees upon individuals who have achieved acclaim for their advancement of culture, communications, education, administration, scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, mentorship, or business.

Shahina Siddiqui
Doctor of Laws

June 4, 2019, 9:30 am

Shahina Siddiqui is the founder and executive director of the Islamic Social Services Association based in Winnipeg, a freelance writer, spiritual counsellor, and public speaker.


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Social Services

100 Families Assisted
in 2018

ISSA provides social services to individuals based on their personal requirements. We offer direct service and support to individuals and communities by collaborating and integrating into mainstream health and social services of our community.

Muslim Community

5 Interfaith/Cultural and Community Events in 2018

ISSA provides information, training and events with the goal of strengthening the opportunities and potential of the Muslim community in Canada. We collaborate with other organizations and individuals to deliver quality service to participants that address the needs of Muslims.

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Education Institutions

1300 Participants Trained in 2018

ISSA provides information and training to mainstream organizations that increase their ability to provide culturally competent services. ISSA also arranges and provides mosque tours for mainstream groups that are interested in learning more about the Muslim community.


ISSA in the Media

ISSA provides knowledgeable information to the media and addresses human rights issues that impact Muslims and Canadians as a whole. Members of ISSA are featured in many news articles, news releases, television interviews and video interviews.
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8th Biannual Training for Imams, Community Leaders and Professionals Nov 16, 2019 @ 10:00 am Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport

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