Handbooks and Brochures


Muslim Culture And Faith

Handbook aids social workers, psychologists, counselors, and other social service providers in better understanding Muslims, their faith and their culture. Heritage.

Price: $6.00


What Police Officers Need to Know

Handbook aids police officers in better understanding the Muslim community, their faith and culture. 



Price: $4.00


Islamic Law

A handbook that explains Islamic Law to dispel myths, negative stereotypes and misinformation about Shariah and the Islamic way of life. 


Price: $6.00


United Against Terrorism 

Collaborative effort by ISSA, NCCM, and the RCMP assists in understanding the nature, origin, causes and impact of extremist messages on Canadian Muslim youth.

Price: $10.00


Dispelling Myths About Islam

This handbook addresses some of the myths and stereotypes that exist about Islam and Muslims and provides textual based explanations and facts about Islamic teachings.

Price: $6.00


Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse

Handbook resource that assists Imams and community leaders facilitate counselling and healing to Muslim women who are victims of abuse as well as help rehabilitate perpetrators of abuse.

Price: $4.00


Caring for Muslim Children

Handbook assists non-Muslim foster parents who are caring for a Muslim child to provide a culturally competent home for the child.


Price: $4.00


Religious Accommodation  for Muslim Employees 

Handbook aids police officers in better understanding the Muslim community, their faith and culture. 


Price: $4.00


Muslim Students

A guide to assist Canadian educators, guidance counselors and parent-teacher councils to be informed and equipped to teach and educate themselves as well as their students about Muslims, their cultures and their faith. 

Price: $10.00


Muslim Funerals

Handbook that helps, assists and facilitates understanding and participation in Muslim funerals.






Price: $3.00


Helping Students Deal with Trauma

Assists teachers and guidance counselors in the assessment, assistance and support of students dealing with grief, fear and confusion as a result of Islamophobia and geopolitical issues. Also available in French.


Price: $10.00

Muslim Patients.jpg

Muslim Patients

Handbook aids health care professionals in better understanding the Muslim community and provides context, information and sensitivity when providing Healthcare.

Price: $4.00