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This guide aims to raise awareness about Islamophobia and its impact on Canadian Muslims. Its purpose is to educate and inform on the various aspects of Islamophobic-based discrimination experienced by Muslims or those perceived to be Muslims.
The rise of Islamophobic-based violence, hate speech, hate crimes and its infiltration into public, governmental and private sectors in Canada is highly concerning. Indeed, it requires a concerted effort on the part of all Canadians to stand together to address and reject Islamophobia.
This booklet is a brief effort to educate and inform Canadians about the nature, elements and stratagems of Islamophobia. It alongside seeks to: encourage conversations about Islam and Muslims that are healthy and well-informed; foster social harmony and societal cohesion; and to dispel misinformation and uphold the human dignity of all Canadians.
In light of these objectives, Islamophobia, where necessary, has been contextualized within international, multifaceted nuances to inform on this global movement and its impact in Canada.

Building Resistance to Islamophobia

  • "I found it very concise, and clear, with examples, using a concrete and direct language. Most needed these days, when islamophobia is so widespread, and for many people, insidious and partly unconscious. It is about time we try more aggressively to undo the damage more than 2 decades have done to the image of Muslims in Canada and the world."

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