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Politics of division failing children

...........Media, on the other hand, focuses on hijab-wearing and angry-banner-holding mothers with children in tow, and loud counter protesters with aggressive body postures promoting the very stereotypes that suit the far-right agenda. This depiction engenders further divisions and targeting of diverse communities, rather than bringing people together to voice their fears, concerns and apprehension as to what this gender curriculum is all about, how it will be implemented and that it does not become a tool to impose and dictate and divide, according to the personal leaning of any one teacher.......

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Heeding the cries of children 

Children of Gaza continue to be killed and we stay oblivious with no tears, no outrage and deafening silence. Why? 

Children in Afghanistan die of hunger and disease every day and we stay oblivious. Why?

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Muslim Women Most Impacted by Quebec’s Secularism Laws

Shahina Siddiqui, echoed those same concerns. She told the Washington Report that she is “deeply concerned” about the impact Fatemeh Anvari’s case is having on Muslim girls who are considering the teaching profession in Quebec. “Their future and their confidence in their future has been impacted as well as their freedom of choice,” she said.

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Panel tackles Islamophobia

A panel in Winnipeg worked to address the causes of Islamophobia, and what can be done to solve the issue.

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Manitobans mourn victims of 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting in virtual vigil


'This is a way for us to come together to remember, to honour and to reflect,' says Shahina Siddiqui......


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How to Ramadan during COVID-19

Islamic Social Services Association Executive Director Shahina Siddiqui explains how Ramadan celebrations are going digital.

Friday, Apr. 24, 2020

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