Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers, Facilitating Access.

Islamic Social Services Association


Canadian society is inclusive and has a strengthened Muslim community, where cultural and ethnic groups and their members' social, cultural, spiritual and economic well-being is fundamental. Each persons' potential is achieved by accessing and receiving culturally, linguistically and spiritually appropriate health, social and economic services and supports.

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our mandate

In collaboration with and integrated into mainstream human services, we provide family, health and social welfare services, inclusive of the many cultural and ethnic groups that comprise our Muslim communities in Manitoba and Canada. ISSA helps facilitate, bridge, navigate, advocate, collaborate, educate and build awareness, and provide direct service and support to individuals and communities by collaborating and integrating into mainstream health and social services of our community.


ISSA is looking for volunteers to help with various community and service activities. Volunteering with ISSA is an opportunity to contribute to our community and to get experience working with others promoting social justice. We are searching for people who want to support their community. We would seek people who share our values of social inclusion, respect and diversity.

Building Bridges, Breaking barriers
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Please know that Manitobans like myself value what you do and want to support the services you provide to the Muslim Community.  

Thank you so much for coming to my class this last time.  Over nearly 20 years you have stimulated and enriched the thinking of over 500 of my students.  You were always my favorite person to come speak in my class.  I am aware that you also speak to the classes of others at Menno Simons College and probably also at the other universities.  At Menno Simons College alone I imagine you have influenced the thinking of over 2000 students -- students who will soon be leaders in society.  You have left a rich heritage, and we are better for it.

As an ESL teacher for newcomers, I am seeing the pressures on my students increase at this time. This is one way for me to support their getting more of the assistance they may need.  Thanks for what you do, and the unifying spirit within which you strive to do it.